A Modern bookcase , manufactured in Italy in 1950’s.

It’s possible to mount the unit with pressure between the floor and the ceiling or  stand alone  ,without fixing it to the ceiling , as the feet allow the library to stand up alone .(anyhow , the floor to ceiling mountage give the maximum stability ) This modular shelvings system allows you to choose where to mount the shelves and small cabinets, but these must be mounted symmetrically. The complete composition includes six shelves and 2 small chest of drawers .

You can use it as a room divider .

The designer is not known but the style recalls the hand of Osvaldo Borsani adn Franco Albini .

The height is adjustable, just specify your ceiling height for a confirmation .

Worldwide shipment is available .

Measures (metric) : Depth 42 cm – Width 166 cm


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