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Introducing our exquisite vintage console from the 1950s, showcasing iconic Italian design with a modern twist. Crafted from lacquered wood, adorned with brass details, and retaining its original brass patina, this console exudes style and sophistication. Its airy and lightweight design, coupled with the striking rust orange color, adds a touch of retro charm to any space.

This console is not just a vintage piece; it has undergone a meticulous restoration and restyling process by RETRO4M. The wood has been expertly refinished using a combination of natural resins and pigments, meticulously applied by hand using a pad in a lengthy lacquering process that typically spans around five days. The result is a flawless and durable finish that enhances the console’s allure.

With its long, tapered square-section legs, gracefully opening like a compass, and two concealed drawers with hidden handles, this console offers both style and functionality. It is not limited to being a mere console but can also serve as an elegant entryway or hallway furniture piece.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary original 1950s console, transformed into a contemporary masterpiece through RETRO4M’s impeccable restyling process. Add a touch of mid-century elegance to your space and elevate your interior design to new heights.


Height 97 cm x Width 103.5 cm x Depth 35 cm 

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