COD. BT113 – €  2900


Elevate your bedroom decor with this exquisite pair of Italian design nightstands from the 1950s. Meticulously restored and enhanced by the skilled artisans at RETRO4M, these nightstands have undergone both comprehensive restoration and significant restyling. The result is a seamless blend of timeless sophistication and contemporary design.

Each nightstand showcases the finest Italian craftsmanship, with intricate woodwork details and spider-leg wooden bases. The rich radiating veneer and the newly lacquered orange/brown doors add a touch of warmth and elegance to your space. The finishing touch is the grey retro-lacquered glass top, which both complements and contrasts with the wood beautifully.

It’s worth noting that the glass tops, while adding to their vintage charm, bear the subtlest signs of their age, which only enhance their character. These nightstands effortlessly combine the charm of mid-century design with a modern twist, making them the perfect addition to your bedroom.


Height 60 cm x  Width 61 cm x Depth 34 cm 


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