COD.  BT115  – € 2100

This sophisticated pair of Italian nightstands from the 1950s exemplifies the luxurious design principles of the mid-century era. Having been recently renewed with a fresh, high-quality black lacquer finish, these nightstands gleam with a polished luster that only shellac can provide, applied with the meticulousness that Italian artisans are celebrated for.

The design features elegant and sleek lines with brass-capped legs, retaining their original patina, a mark of authenticity and charm. The nightstands are each adorned with a single drawer, offering a blend of practicality and style. Above this, a smaller glass shelf adds a level of functionality and displays the careful consideration of space common to the period’s design.

The standout feature of these bedside tables is the emerald green back-painted glass shelves, presenting a stunning contrast to the deep black of the lacquer. This vibrant pop of color infuses the nightstands with a contemporary edge while remaining true to their vintage roots.

These nightstands do not simply offer storage—they are a statement of taste and an acknowledgment of design history. Ideal for those with an eye for elegance and a reverence for design, this pair is poised to bring a touch of Italian finesse to any bedroom setting.


Height 61 cm x Width 59 cm x Depth 34 cm


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