COD. DT42  – €3000


Italian Design Desk from the 50s, Restyled with Modern Flair

Introducing our meticulously restored and restyled Italian desk from the 1950s. This exquisite piece showcases a harmonious blend of timeless design and contemporary aesthetics. Our skilled artisans have performed a profound restoration and restyling process to bring this desk to its full glory.

The desk features a stunning new yellow lacquer finish, achieved through a masterful combination of natural pigments and resins. The original brass details add a touch of vintage charm, showcasing their original patina. The top and drawer handles are crafted from luxurious teak wood, lending a warm and inviting appeal to the overall design.

The light green lacquered detailing on the drawers adds a delightful contrast, highlighting the attention to detail and refined craftsmanship. This exceptional piece is a testament to the exceptional quality and sought-after design of Italian woodworking. With two spacious drawers, it offers practical functionality along with its aesthetic allure.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of Italian design or simply seeking a statement piece for your space, this meticulously restored and restyled desk is sure to impress. Embrace the fusion of mid-century charm and modern sophistication with this one-of-a-kind desk.

Height 72 cm x Width 106 cm x Depth 51 cm
This object is part of our line of furniture completely restored and with restyling interventions .

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