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Presenting a 1950s Italian desk, a masterpiece of modern design attributed to Vittorio Dassi. Crafted with precision in high-quality Italian cabinetry, this desk seamlessly blends the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Constructed from luxurious dark-stained exotic wood and adorned with a retro-lacquered glass top, this desk exudes elegance and refinement. The restoration process involved meticulous removal of the original finish, followed by a new, lustrous shellac finish, ensuring its revival to a state of pristine beauty.

Featuring a practical two-drawer dresser, the desk is not only visually stunning but also functional. The wooden handles, intricately milled, add a touch of interest and character to this exquisite piece.


Height 71 cm x Width 89 cm x Depth 43 cm

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