COD. DT53  – € 4400

Restored vintage writing desk, originating from Italy in the 1950s, presents a striking example of midcentury design ethos. Crafted from rich teak wood and featuring a sleek frame of lacquered black iron with brass accents, this piece epitomizes the fusion of modernity and timeless elegance.

Constructed with a keen eye for detail, this desk showcases the technical prowess emblematic of 1950s design. Its four solid wood drawers, set within a metallic frame, effortlessly glide on their tracks, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Standing on adjustable brass feet, this desk exudes stability and refinement. Its clean lines and minimalist form are a testament to the enduring appeal of midcentury design principles.

Ideal for both workspaces and living areas, this Italian masterpiece promises to elevate any environment with its sophisticated presence and historical significance


Height 79 cm x Width 145 cmx Depth 69 cm

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