OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-5 - Copia


Italian modern console table in mahogany wood, brass and onix marble top  COD. OF82

Produced by “La Permanente” in Cantu’.

Completely restored: As we normally prefer, the original finish has been completely removed to bring the wood back to its original state, then it has been finished with Japanese oil, this treatment allows the wood to show its maximum beauty but it also becomes more delicate because the pore remains semi-open. After removing the original finish we were impressed by the beauty and high quality of the mahogany wood used to make this piece of furniture. The brass details are left with their original patina.

H 30.32 in. x W 43.71 in. x D 13.59 in.
H 77 cm x W 111 cm x D 34.5 cm

      OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-3 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-1 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-8 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-5 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-4 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-2 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-6 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-7 - Copia

OF82-mahogany-marble-console-table-la-permanente-cantu-9 - Copia

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