COD. L258  – € 1600

This elegant and stylish pendant lamp, produced in Italy in the 1950s, combines sleek modernist design with the warmth of vintage materials. Its petite form is crafted from brass, which features a lovely, natural patina developed over time, adding character and historical charm. The opaline glass shade is delicately balanced within a brass ring, creating a striking contrast that emphasizes the lamp’s graceful curves and geometric lines.

Designed to hold a single standard E14 bulb, this lamp provides a soft and inviting glow, making it a perfect choice for adding a touch of mid-century elegance to smaller spaces or as part of a series in larger areas. It is also compatible with U.S. electrical standards, with an adapter provided for ease of use.

A testament to Italian mid-century craftsmanship, this lamp brings a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic to any setting. For further details on dimensions, condition, or shipping, please inquire


Height 73 cm x Diameter 20 cm 


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