A midcentury wall unit of Italian design from the 1950s

This bookcase has a pressure mounting system between floor and ceiling, it can be mounted close to a wall or even as a room divider, because the back side is as well finished as the front one. The a small piece of furniture with sliding door has another sliding door also at the rear just to enhance a possible installation in the center of the room.

All the dark metal parts are made of burnished bronze, this precious material highlights the excellent quality of the unit.
The general design is light but rich in technical details of high Italian carpentry of the 50s.

We performed a light conservative restoration and some abrasion and relacquering operations only on some surfaces that were scratched. This has brought the general conditions back to a very good level.

The height is adjustable through the bronze feet, we are also able to shorten and lengthen the uprights with dedicated carpentry interventions.


COD. WU51 / No longer available..

Width 260 cm x Depth 42cm 

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